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Thank you for working with me!

Was I your birth doula? Did I take photos for you? Did you learn about childbirth from me?


Send me some feedback! It helps me learn, grow and build my business. It especially helps other people know why they should learn more about the value of a doula (and then hire me).

Tell me about your experience below or shoot me an email directly to

Some prompts that might be helpful -

- What did you think when you first met with me?

- What was your favorite part about birth class or our prenatal appointments?

- Did I say or do something during your birth that helped with your physical or mental progression?

- Did I send you photos from your birth? What do you think of them?

- Did I offer support to your new family postpartum? Was it helpful?

- Am I the most amazing doula you've ever met who is guilting you into writing me a testimonial? Great!

It doesn't need to be an essay (but I'll totally take that too) - just a few sentences will do!
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